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[VIDEO] Opening of "New" Pauley: Dan "Chianti" Guerrero Gives Us A "Media" Tour

UCLA's incompetent athletic director gives beat reporters a "media tour" of the "new" Pauley Pavillion

Center court shot of renovated Pauley Pavilion
Center court shot of renovated Pauley Pavilion
Howard Fromberg

Here is the video:

Dan's official explanation for putting Pauley under glass.

"The central theme when we first got started was to preserve the legacy of the past and move into the 21st century ... we think we've accomplished that in a big way."

Dan added:

"The fan experience is very important ... You want to create a venue that is going to be special for them.'"

Peter Yoon has the details on the enhanced "fan experience":

  • Added concourse features and explanation of the disappearance of the circular center court logo "several museum-like tributes to past UCLA athletic achievements. The old court, complete with the block-lettered circular center court logo, has been broken up and now serves as a backdrop for three large historical displays along what is called 'Wooden Way.'" - Peter Yoon
  • More restrooms, food chains, a team store and a whopping 154% increase in the number of restrooms. 154%
  • "The state-of-the-art, 28,000-square foot floor is also new and features the familiar script UCLA logo at center court so television viewers will immediately recognize the gym when flipping through channels."

So, yes the circle at half-court is gone. But don't worry Bruin fans, Chianti Dan will have his own den in the form of "a 300-person banquet facility that will serve as a members-only Pavilion Club -- the only place on campus that serves alcohol -- for well-heeled donors."

The renovation project came in about "$3 million-$4 million under budget" per Chianti, but would you trust Guerrero's estimate?

I will leave you with this from Yoon:

"The school is currently engaged in negotiation for a title sponsor for the building [...]

What that means is that Pauley Pavilion may not be Pauley Pavilion much longer."

Heckuva job Dan.