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ESPN Compares Shabazz to Kentucky Professionals

I almost wish Shabazz went to Kentucky or better yet Duke, his runner up schools. Duke is at least part of the problem because of the illegal trip there. It would be nice to see them sweating this now along with jewelry gate.

But I can help but wondering if the NCAA (if it was Duke) or media (if it was Kentucky) would treat this differently if it were not UCLA. An example of the latter is here:

The curious case of Shabazz Muhammad took another turn Thursday when UCLA announced that the freshman forward would be out for two to four weeks due to a right-shoulder strain. Muhammad still hasn't been cleared to compete in games while the NCAA investigates unofficial visits and any possible extra benefits prior to his enrolling at UCLA. He is in the midst of a 45-day practice period while his case is being investigated. There's no way to tell whether this is going to be an Enes Kanter-like decision (ineligible for the season at Kentucky after a slow investigation). . .

Enes Katner was a paid Turkish player recruited by Kentucky. He was a foreign professional. No one has even mentioned a rumor such as this regarding Shabazz.

Enes Kanter will remain "permanently ineligible" in the eyes of the NCAA. The Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee Friday announced that it upheld the NCAA's earlier decision permanently prohibiting Kanter from playing for Kentucky.

NCAA investigators earlier found that Kanter received $33,033 above his "actual and necessary" expenses from his club team in his native Turkey.

"While unfortunate for Enes and the University of Kentucky, the final decision of the reinstatement committee is completely compatible with the collegiate model of sports our members have developed, since he received a significant amount of money, above his actual expenses from a professional team prior to coming to college," Kevin Lennon, NCAA vice president of academic and membership affairs said in a statement.

Kentucky coach John Calipari expressed disappointment in the NCAA's final decision and criticized what he called a "smear campaign" conducted by the Turkish club team Fenerbahce

Obviously ESPN has a show on Kentucky so everything has to be compared to Kentucky but this is ridiculous. Shabazz may face a penalty but so far there is no allegation he was paid to play like Enes.