Honoring "The Mayor" aka Johnathan "Jet Ski" Franklin The Right Way

With Johnathan Franklin most likely setting the all-time rushing record next weekend at the Rose Bowl, it only seems appropriate that he be honored accordingly. One of the few things that I've seen $C do right was the big screen tribute Barkley received when he broke the passing TD record against Colorado in the Coliseum.

Unfortunately, I don't (and I'm sure many people on here don't either) have the confidence that the Morgan center will get this right. That is why I will be calling them tomorrow to see what the plan is (if there is any) and ensure that it gets done right. I encourage everyone on here to do so as well. If anyone wants to post the number to call or where to e-mail, please feel free. See you at the Rose Bowl next Saturday.

Go Bruins!

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