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UCLA Baseball: Brandon Crawford, World Series Champion

Avert your eyes, Dodgers fans.

TWO Bruins in this pic, are you happy?
TWO Bruins in this pic, are you happy?
Christian Petersen

Welcome to a world where the San Francisco Giants are yet again, World Series Champions, for the second time in the past three years. Giants fans are celebrating pretty hard over on the Giants blog. The parade is Wednesday at 11am on Market Street. Halloween. Of course.

There is a UCLA angle to the World Series - Brandon "I will field anything hit my way" Crawford. We've already congratulated him when the Giants managed to come back from 3-1 down against the St. Louis Cardinals to get into the World Series. Tonight, we popped champagne again as the Giants swept the Detroit Tigers, winning tonight in extra innings, 4-3. I was an absolute nervous wreck. It was worth it.


It's freaking awesome. He had an even better pick of Prince Fielder in the first inning, which no one is talking about, but was spectacular and of course I can't find a video.

Brandon Crawford now has a World Series ring. He is definitely living the dream. (So cute.)




(thanks @gamerbabe)

This is the feeling I've always wanted with UCLA football or basketball. I've felt the happiness for volleyball, water polo, gymnastics, golf, etc. Basketball and football, you're on the clock. I want to have some additional UCLA happiness. Let's go.