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Rich Rod Refuses To Answer Whether Matt Scott Failed Concussion Test Against Southern Cal

The latest word out of Arizona is that Matt Scott "expects to play" against UCLA. The more interesting news is that Rich Rodriguez is refusing to answer questions on whether Scott indeed suffered a concussion against Southern Cal:

Coach Rich Rodriguez fielded four Scott-related questions at the start of the news conference before somewhat testily shutting down the topic. He didn't say if Scott had failed a concussion test at any time Saturday.

"I'm not going to talk in medical terms. I don't think it is appropriate to do that," Rodriguez said.

"I know there was concern that Matt appeared nauseous. In talking to our trainer, I think he was nauseous all day. So, the trainers did the proper procedures and asked the questions. He appeared fine to me after the game and looked fine yesterday at the walk-through."

Rodriguez was asked if Scott had been evaluated during the first timeout after he vomited.

"When I was there talking to Matt about the next play - actually the next two or three plays that we were calling - I believe the trainer was behind me or listening. I was just talking to Matt. ‘Are you OK?' ‘Yes.'"