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Mora's Weekly Presser- Arizona, Schemes and Homecoming

If there's one word you learn this week, it's schematically.

Stephen Dunn

Opening comments about Arizona.

They are coming off a big win, very explosive offense. They go fast, and furious, they score a lot of points. We are excited to be back at home, homecoming, playing in front of our crowd. We're working on our game plans right now and we're going to need to play a darn good game and play as mistake free as possible although there's no such thing as a mistake free game.

On Arizona QB Matt Scott possibly not playing this week:

He's a great player and he's having a tremendous year. We just have to prepare for their scheme. We won't change what we're doing whether he's in there or not.

Thoughts on Arizona RB Ka'Deem Carey:

He's an explosive player. We saw a couple of explosive players this past week too. They've got a quarterback that can run as well. The important thing is that we get a real grasp of what they're trying to do offensively schematically. We just what we're supposed to do on a consistent basis, play hard, get off blocks, tackle, and we'll have a chance to have success.

Someone asked a question I couldn't hear or figure out, but I figure it was a follow up to the questions about Carey:

The thing we study more than anything is schemes and tendencies within those schemes. We are obviously aware of the great players but as a defense it is important we defend a scheme.

About Marqise Lee, whom Arizona could not stop:

He's not a NFL prospect. He's a NFL for sure. He could start in the NFL right now.... No one's stopped him yet.

It's all good, they still beat SC.

How about all these shootouts in the college game:

These college games are wild. It's a new experience for me, some of these shootouts. I think a lot of it has to do with the number of plays that get run. If you look at the ASU game the other day, they ran 94 offensive plays. That's a lot of plays. There were 106 running plays in our game on Saturday. That's beyond anything I've ever imagined before. It's a different game, it takes a little getting used to.

So, how many did you have in the NFL?

In the 70's. If you're playing good defense, you'd hold them to 62, 63, maybe 59 on occasion.

I should start counting plays when I watch Niners games.

When asked about how much yardage they gave up against ASU:

I let other people worry about yards. Yards don't matter. Points matter. I think it's ridiculous to rate defenses on the number of yards allowed. Yards don't matter. Yards come in many different ways. You might have a huge lead and you change your style of play. What matters is points and whether you win the game.

Eric Kendricks went wild this week. Did something change this week.. (schematically.)

He just made plays. He's been playing well but we didn't change anything. He has a much better feel for what we're asking him to do schematically. He's understanding his position better because he's got more repetition in it. When you're a good athlete, and a smart guy and you get repetition you get better at it. He's reaching that point where he's starting to understand the position, the little idiosyncrasies of it, that can help you make a play.

Will we see more of Dalton Hilliard?

We put him in at the weak inside linebacker at times. We like that scheme. Dalton is a real sharp kid as well, and he really enjoys his role in that defense.

Is Dalton's presence more important this week because of this scheme?

It depends on what we're going to do, if we're going to play dime, or nickel, or standard Okie, or Okie-light. If we're in dime or Okie-light, they'll be in there and they'll important.

IE Angel, you may need to translate or verify I heard that right.

It's your first Homecoming, Coach Mora!

I went to college and I did have homecomings back then. I think it'll be exciting and it'll be fun. I hope there's a lot of people there and I hope they're excited about their football team and we'll give them a great showing and a great win.

Should we expect another shoot out? Because I can't handle it.

I hope not, but it very well could be. But we've got to be prepared to play the whole game. We've got to go out an execute and play hard through out and we give ourselves a chance to have success.

Overall, we didn't hear much that is new, interesting, or insightful, other than Mora did go to college and experienced homecoming. It would have been nice if someone asked about concussion protocol as a follow up to Matt Scott questions.