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Cal's Keenan Allen Has a "Sore" Ankle?

From the Oakland Tribune yesterday (HT Inside UCLA):

Wide receiver Keenan Allen walked off the practice field Tuesday with a bare right foot. Tedford said Allen had a little soreness in his ankle. "He's fine."

Allen is a difference maker. Health was an issue for Allen in Cal's last game but it didn't really slow him down much:

Keenan Allen became sick during Cal's 27-17 loss to Arizona State on Saturday, but it had nothing to do with the quality of his team's play.

Allen, Cal's premier wide receiver, missed parts of the second and third quarters with a stomach illness before he sought medical aid.

"I've been sick for the last two days," Allen said. "I started throwing up on the sideline. I had to come in for treatment. ... I knew I was going to come back in the game. I had to get that feeling out of my stomach."

Despite his sour stomach, Allen had four receptions for 79 yards, including a toe-dragging touchdown catch of 10 yards in the fourth quarter that cut the deficit to 20-17 with 9:33 to go.

Doubt a little injury like this is going to impact Allen much, but it's something worth keeping an eye on. Given the extremely shaky performance of our two senior CBs to date, Allen can make all of us feel sick by himself by the end of Saturday night.

Let us know if you hear anything more on this and we will update our stream accordingly.