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Mora: Zumwalt is “going to play”

Here is the latest on Zumwalt (and Jerry Johnson) from Coach Mora:

He did. We had him in the red jersey. He wore his helmet. We're trying to keep his head out of there. Tomorrow he should be full speed. Yeah, he's going to play. I don't know how much or if he'll start. You know we're always trying to find the best use for our personnel. The fact he didn't practice and was limited today, in my mind, knowing he'll be a little limited on Saturday, but he can spell Damien, he can spell Anthony Barr. Jerry Johnson should be OK. He's still a little bit sore, but he'll be OK.

He also said the following about the importance of getting some tough yards up the middle:

I think it's important that we have success running the football even though we're a team that spreads it around and throw it. My general philosophy is you have to be able to run the football regardless. Johnathan and Damien (Thigpen) and Jordon (James) and those guys have to be able to make some tough yards. And we have to be able to block it up front because it's a good defensive front we're going up against.

I am not going to push on the point about the need to build our offense outside-in - which is to get the defense loosened up by leveraging the speed and quickness of our skatbacks outsides, before looking for some opportune holes up the middle. I just hope we don't see the shades of Donahue football we saw during the first half against Oregon State - a team with a decent OL. That trick will probably not work too well against an angry Bear program with a solid DL.

Here is Mora's post game video (thanks MM):

Wednesday Report: UCLA Coach Jim Mora (via melendezsports)