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VIDEO: Bruin Hero Patrick Larimore’s Story on ESPN’s E60

Watch UCLA linebacker Patrick Larimore's amazing story on ESPN's E60 about the Bruin senior and team captain's courageous (and right) decision to walk away from his football dreams.

Patrick Larimore is an amazing Bruin.
Patrick Larimore is an amazing Bruin.
Mandatory Credit: Jim Z. Rider-US PRESSWIRE

Little more than couple of weeks ago ESPN's E60 show ran a story on UCLA Linebacker and Senior Captain Patrick Larimore. Folks who were fortunate to see it live thought it was riveting. Many of us missed it until now as ESPN Has uploaded the segment on YouTube (HT Nick2002). WATCH IT:

I have no problem admitting I was tearing up in the last minute - particularly when he was describing the interaction he had with Coach Jim Mora and his team-mates.

I have offered lot of frank words on Mora's hiring process, some of the issues this year and I have promised myself that I am not going to get emotionally vested in his program until I feel completely confident that we are headed towards the right direction. But watching this as a parent was reassuring and made me feel good about who we have in charge of UCLA football. And as we have discussed this week the contrast couldn't be more dramatic when compared to the head coach of Arizona.

Anyway, good luck to Patrick. He may not have accomplished everything he wanted in football, but he is leaving UCLA not only with a degree, but he is also leaving with a legacy that will serve as the ultimate example of maturity, leadership and true courage. We are proud of you.