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Devin Fuller to WR? L.A. Times' Foster Breaks News from Practice - Maybe

First things first: Apparently Devin Fuller is working out at wide receiver at practice. I don't know why or how he's been moved over from quarterback, but one guess is the season ending injury to Devin Lucien.

How do we know this. The L.A. Times' Chris Foster tweeted out the news:

Wait, Achilles, Foster might just be wearing that jersey for the Scout team. Ahhh ... Foster explains:

So, that's one interesting bit of information to chew on, one that raises some practical questions: Are Jim Mora and his staff planning to interrupt Devin Fuller's redshirt season to play him at wide receiver? If so, does that mean he will no longer compete at quarterback, is he now a full time receiver or is this just a temporary move perhaps due to Lucien's injury?

The other issue that's raised is how Foster got the story. Pretty sure he's on the record about not attending practice and if he did attend practice and report this, he's violated Mora's "no reporting what you see in practice" rule.

Personally, I'm ambivalent. The no reporting from practice rule seems a bit restrictive, but whatever, that's the rule. I get it and understand its purpose. But Foster seems to be violating the rule, perhaps not technically, but in spirit. I also believe that this is another example of "incompetence" by Dan Guerrero and his staff, because if Foster is breaking this rule and still has access to practice, games and press conferences then they simply aren't doing their jobs.

Finally -- while the fan in me would prefer that Foster not tweet inside information that might help our opponents prepare for us (which is the reason for Mora's rule, no doubt), the blogger in me sort of admires his tenacity. Foster may not be a kind to the program -- or even fair -- but I've got to give him credit for breaking the story.