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Did Kiffin Play Robert Woods Despite a Concussion?

Lane Kiffin may have let star wide receiver Robert Woods back in the game against Utah despite an apparent concussion.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

It is never enjoyable to watch a Southern Cal football game, unless they are losing, and preferably if they are losing to UCLA. We almost got our wish last night, when Utah opened the game with two quick touchdowns was still up 21-10 on the Trogans in the second quarter.

Sure, the pleasure didn't last very long, once Lame Kitten used his EA Sports playbook consisting of "throw it to Robert Woods or Marqise Lee". And who can blame him, those guys are really good (and Barkley owes them a percentage of any paycheck he receives in the future). Still we had some wonderful non-Heisman moments from resident whiny boy Matt Barkley and at least that was fun to see.

What is not fun to see is any major injury to any player, even Trogans.

During a punt return, star receiver Robert Woods was leveled by a Utah player while attempting to block for his teammate. It was great to watch, but the result was pretty scary. Judge for yourself:


Now, ask yourself: would you let this player continue to play? I know Coach Mora wouldn't, after supporting Patrick Larimore's retirement, keeping Jeff Baca out of a big game against Oregon State, and a bevy of other situations in which he went with the safe decision and kept players with even minor concussion symptoms out of practice or out of games.

But you know who let Robert Woods keep playing? Lane Kiffin.

Now, I am no doctor and no expert, but concussions are a serious matter. One thing I do know however is that I would never have let Robert Woods back on the field, no matter what the trainers tell me (and they did check him out and clear him). Does that look like a player who is just fine to you?

I am as happy as any Bruin when a Trogan gets blown up in football, yet I would never put my enjoyment ahead of a player's life. But apparently, winning a football game is more important than a player's future well-being for Trogans, because that is all that matters at Southern Cal.