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Friday Football/Baseball/Anything Open Thread

Watching College Football? MLB Wild Card? Just can't wait until the Bruins play? No probs, we got you covered right here! We also have links to watch parties and venues that will carry the Bruins' game on TV.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

Only one more night to kill watch all the football we can before it's game day for U.C.L.A.

There are two games on tonight, both televised on tWWL; Pittsburgh at Syracuse at 4PM PDT, followed by Utah State at BYU at 6:15 PDT

The MLB Wild Card games are on tonight as well, in the new one game playoff format. Survive and advance. The St Louis Cardinals (take note, Stanford) will travel to meet the Atlanta Braves, with the winner moving on to play the Washington Nationals. First pitch should be in just a few minutes at about 2pm PDT. Afterward, the Baltimore Orioles go to meet the choking Texas Rangers, with that winner going on to get the New York Yankees. Both of the baseball games are televised on TBS.

P put up an updated list of watch parties around the country here, and Jon Wilner also published a list of restaurants and bars along the West Coast from WA to So Cal that carry the Pac-12 Networks. So you can see tomorrow's Washington State - Oregon State contest, which will be followed by the only game that really matters this weekend (until Denver -NE), our U.C.L.A. Bruins vs the Cal Bears.

So, until the Bruins play, you can share your thoughts, jokes, inventions, music, or anything else here. This is our Friday Football (and baseball) Open Thread.

Go Bruins!