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BN Gameday: UCLA at California Second Half Open Thread

The second half open thread for today's UCLA football game at Strawberry Canyon.

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

The game got off to a good start, with the Bruins moving efficiently down the field for a touchdown pass to defensive tackle Cassius Marsh.

Since then, the Bruins have been their own worst enemy with stupid penalties, a sloppy turnover on a backward pass, poor execution in pass defense, another missed FG, a terrible turnover on special teams, and a sad waste of points with poor communication at the end of the half that turned into an interception. The result is a 16-7 deficit to 1-4 Cal at halftime

The Bruins need to take a long hard look at themselves at halftime and come out a more mature team focused on executing on both sides of the ball. If not, then the long ugly losing streak at Cal will continue and we'll be asking a lot of questions about what kind of team we have.

Here's your second half thread, Bruins.