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Dan Guerrero Excited About UCLA "Earning" a "Split" Against Colorado and Cal

UCLA's incompetent athletic director continues to sound clueless in his outreach to UCLA fanbase.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

From the top entry of Chiant Dan's latest "blog":

UCLA Football Team Returns to Rose Bowl, Hosts Utah
After hitting the road for a pair of away games and earning a split against Colorado and Cal, Jim Mora and the 4-2 UCLA Football team return to the friendly confines of the Rose Bowl this Saturday at Noon (PT) for a Pac-12 Conference matchup against the 2-3 Utah Utes.

YAY! Boy, aren't we all excited about that "split" our program "earned" against Cal and Colorado?!

Just as excited as we are about UCLA wasting quarter million per year on the most incompetent athletic director in America. That sure will fire up UCLA's donor base.