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Tuesday Notes: Darius Bell to miss Utah

The Bruins held their first practice following the blowout loss at Cal last Saturday. Coach Mora talked to the media, while Darius Bell will miss Saturday's game against Utah.

Bob Stanton-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

That was an ugly game last Saturday in Berkeley. N has already written on the in-person experience that we shared at Memorial Stadium, and others have written their post-mortems. While the team and coaches cannot downplay or forget what happened last week, they now must shift focus to this week's game against Utah.

Coach Mora met with the media as usual after this morning's practice, talking about having the defense work more on 'swarming' the football.

We kinda changed the way we practiced a little bit in terms of reps. Just trying to get an emphasis on swarming the football defensively. It was a little more physical today but it wasn't by design. I think it showed they're serious and focus about rebounding from a loss.

He also talked about the offensive line - particularly Jake Brendel as freshman in the middle plus the communication and cohesiveness among the line. Peter Yoon also notes the issues with the Bruin secondary, but does not expect to see the Toast Twins lose their starting spots. He also wrote on the Utah D's strategy of 'stemming' to draw opposing lines into committing penalties.

Later in the day, Yoon reported that Darius Bell will miss the Utah game due to the shoulder injury that forced him to leave the Cal game.

"He got hit pretty good," Mora said. "His shoulder is sore. His ribs and neck are sore. That side of his body where he came down hard is sore. We'll give him a couple of days to see how he is. He's feeling a little better, but he's not feeling great."

Hopefully Darius can make a quick recovery and return for the final few weeks of the regular season.