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Mora Greets Apathetic and Lazy Media After Practice

Mora's post practice press conference is shortened by the imbecilic media's inability to come up with more than a single question regarding U.C.L.A. football.

Hey, reporters....You Suck!!
Hey, reporters....You Suck!!
Scott Halleran

There has been a lot of talk about records around Westwood lately: Brett Hundley throwing the most TD's for a freshman QB at U.C.L.A., Johnathan Franklin on the verge of becoming Bruins' all time career rusher, and now, Coach Mora makes a run at the shortest press conference given by a Pac-12 coach, with a major assist by the beat press.

Read it, or watch it. Neither one will take you very long.

Really good week of practice, I think they're wired in Now we out the finsihing touches on it tomorrow with a little walkthrough and then go do our thing. So it was a good week.

(An actual question: How are you doing health wise?)

Doing great. Doing good.

(blank stares from the media)

I know, we get to Friday, or Thursday, there's not a lot left, I know. There's not a lot left.

(Foster mumbles something irrelevant about a calendar)

I know, I tell you...I'm slowly figuring it out. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but... No, it was a good week. I think they're wired in. I think they're excited to play the game. So it'll be a heck of a challenge for us. As we know they're a really good football team but we'll be up for it.

(more blank stares from the media)

Is that it? All right, enjoy the rest of your day. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Fifty two seconds.

Good, Coach Mora, but not good enough.

Earlier this season, Lame Kiffin set the bar low when he threw a fit and stormed off 28 seconds into his post practice interview. Now, like a lot of things associated with *$c, Kiffin's effort will get an asterisk, since the media was more than ready to ask him more questions, so his benchmark was artificially lowered when he pulled his own ejection handle.

But today's episode is far worse. We expect Kiffin to get pissy under pressure and run (see Tennessee Volunteers, departure), it's what he does. By the same token, I also expect the beat writers covering U.C.L.A. to do what they do, which is ask questions and then repeat them to the public. It's called...reporting, and it's their job. It's not like this game is meaningless. It's not like there aren't any conference championship implications. It's not like there aren't any compelling player stories going on. But question.

I have a job. Honestly, I don't really like it. But I go, and I do my best to do it right, both for my own sense of professionalism, and even more, for the people I work with. They deserve my best. So I go and do my job as well as I can. I'll bet 99.9% of you here at BN are in the same boat in that you give it your best every day. So what the hell was going on with the assembled media at Spaulding today, I have no idea. I realize that Basketball Media Day is taking place today, but it's in San Francisco, so none of these guys had anywhere else to be.

Interviewing Mora is cake, because he doesn't just give yes or no answers. He expands on topics, he gives some insight. He jokes. There is give and take. Sure, there's nothing earth shattering. He's not going to tell you the first 5 scripted plays. But it's professional. He'll give you his thoughts on the team, the opponent, the players, the atmosphere, anything. Give him a topic and sit back and let the tape recorder take it in. ...

I know I'm too late, but maybe I could have helped these guys today.

Coach Mora, what vulnerabilities do you see in the Arizona defense your offense might be able to exploit?

Coach Mora, how did Darius Bell do today in pads?

Coach Mora, can you update us on Greg Capella?

Coach Mora, do you know if any former U.C.L.A. running backs will attend the game, anticipating Johnathan Franklin to set the career rushing record?

Coach Mora, what film, if any, have you looked at on Rich Rodriguez's offense to prepare for this week? Did you go back to any Michigan or West Virginia tape or just stick with this year's Arizona films?

Coach Mora, will there be any recruits at the Rose Bowl this weekend?

Coach Mora, the team practiced in the alternate helmets and shoes and gloves today, right? Any response from the players?

Coach Mora, will Devin Fuller's role expand this weekend?

Coach Mora, who will be back returning punts on Saturday?

Coach Mora, bad is it working with Dan?

Coach Mora, did you ever see any lazier POC's than us when you were in the NFL?

I'm going to be at work before the sun comes up tomorrow, and I expect to be there at least 2 hours after the clock says I am technically done working. Dang, I really should have stuck it out with that North Campus major, and maybe become a U.C.L.A. beat reporter. Life would have been cush.