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Flea Leads the Free Shabazz Effort

Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea performed the national anthem on his bass to open the new Pauley. But more important then his music was his fashion statement:

Flea walked onto the court at Pauley Pavilion on Friday night to sing the national anthem clad in a baby blue shirt with the words "Free Shabazz Muhammad" written on it in black marker. The shirt, of course, was in reference to the NCAA's decision to declare the highly touted UCLA freshman indefinitely ineligible earlier in the evening as a result of extra benefits he accepted during his recruitment.

Give Flea credit for being in touch with the mood of the UCLA fan base because he wasn't the only one to express such a sentiment.

Flea the musician along with his band mates were famous for only wearing a strategically place sock on stage, made the best fashion statement of his careers. Thanks Flea, we agree.