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Shabazz to Miss 10 Games?

The LA Times' Baxter Holmes suggests that the suspected nature of the violation the NCAA has used to rule Shabazz Muhammad ineligible will be enough for a 10 game ban, or roughly 30% of our schedule:

According to NCAA guidelines, UCLA freshman swingman Shabazz Muhammad could miss about 10 games for the Bruins before he is reinstated.

That figure is based on the NCAA’s reinstatement guidelines for preferential treatment violations that occurred before an athlete enrolled in a college and information about the violation the NCAA cited when it declared Muhammad ineligible Friday for violations of amateurism rules.

Baxter also suggests that the official ruling on the number of games Muhammad will be able to play, if any, could be announced as early as next week.

A reference, from the article, on the NCAA guideline for punishment on the likely infraction:

4. Value of benefit is greater than $1,000 = withholding of 30% of eligibility for one season of competition and repayment.