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#DefendOurLogo: UCLA Banning Trojan Clown Major From Planting His Sword on Our Logo?

Folks. We have had an overwhelming response to our campaign to #DefendOurLogo. Last Sunday's post from JoeBruin15 already has more than 1,000 Likes on Facebook which is simply astonishing. Something is happening and it looks like a fanbase that at times has been divided a bit over last 10+ years due to all the internal strife stemming from bad coaching, management etc. - is uniting around Saturday.

Now we are hearing from friends that we trust a lot that UCLA may be taking steps to make sure that the stupid Trogan drum major doesn't stab our logo this Saturday. We have heard that the UCLA administration informed the Trojans that if that clown stabs our field, security may not allow the pathetic Trojan marching band to take the field at halftime.

We are looking for confirmation from local traditional media outlets. But it looks like Graham Watson of Yahoo!'s Dr. Saturday is reporting that UCLA officials are not allowing the Trogan drum major to plant the sword into the field. If this turns out to be true, then massive, I mean massive props to JoeBruin15, Classof66 and hundreds and thousands of members of this amazing community.

If this is also true, I'd give UCLA athletics some credit for finally showing some testicular fortitude and standing up to those classless bullies across town. Again, would love to get more confirmation on this. But great to see a Bruin Nation united.