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Jordan Adams Saves Howland's Job: UCLA Downs UCI in OT, 80-79

Game 2 in Old Pauley Under Glass was a rather pathetic affair, from the crowd down to the play on the court. Thank Goodness for Jordan Adams.

Jeff Gross

Alright let's get this over with. For ten minutes, the UCLA Bruins showed the potential of what they could be. The Wears took shots that weren't 18 foot jumpshots and UCLA raced out to a quick ten point advantage. Then the Wears hit a couple of long distance jumpers, figured they were "on" tonight, and it went downhill.

Realistically, the only consistently good things all game long was the aggressive play of Jordan Adams and the defensive job Norman Powell put on Daman Starring. Powell balanced out his defensive performance with an atrocious 0-8 shooting night that saw way too many jumpshots, which is something we're used to seeing from him last year. As for the Wears, let's just say they started 7 for 7 I believe. Travis Wear ended the game 6-17 before fouling out in overtime. David Wear ended up 6-10, which isn't bad, but really, 27 shots from the Wear twins? I wouldn't pick on them so much but they take the most shots, so how can I not?

Let's make one other thing clear: Jordan Adams saved Ben Howland's job tonight. A loss to UC Irvine is a dealbreaker. It is a disqualifier for a high seed; a bad BAD loss. True Freshman Jordan Adams and his 26 points with a perfect 16-16 free throw record saved Howland's job tonight.

We escaped Old Pauley Under Glass with a win tonight, but how much longer can we continue to play with fire? How many more times can we let the Wears take the worst shot on the floor? When will Howland tell Norman Powell to finally put the ball on the floor and get inside and do some damage? How much longer can Jordan Adams continue to prop up the poor play of this team?

At least we're a football school now, RIGHT GUYS!?