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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

Elections, basketball, birthdays, UCLA and USC wagers have been made. Read on for details.

This picture makes me smile.
This picture makes me smile.

So after our Twitter incident last week, we move on to the next set of UCLA tweets.

Our athletes exercised their right to vote:

Colorado (and Washington) legalized marijuana.

By the way, still banned by the NCAA, so sorry kiddos.

Brendan Ayandabejo and Chris Kluwe both fought for marriage equality in their states... and won.

The measure to define marriage as a between a man and woman failed in Minnesota.

Congratulations to both Kluwe and Ayandabejo for standing up and fighting for what they believe.

Moving onto football, Coach Mora has many fans.

Devin Fuller knows what he has to do:

We played a football game in the cold.

And they were happy to get the heck out of there when they were done:

You figure the game ended at 11pm, so after showers, post game media talks, they probably got on the bus at 12am. Then they had to drive to Boise (I believe) and then get on the plane back to LA. A loooong day for our athletes.

Very long.

7:30pm start times should not happen at WSU.

Oh and it's Beat SC week. Our recruits know.


Wagers have been made.



The routine that Mora wants his players to follow:

Southern Cal. Southern Cal. Southern Cal. It's rubbing off on the players.

Moving on to basketball, the team appreciates the camp outs:

As does the coach:

Sooren is a walk on, and before his first UCLA game:

My eyes are watering. It must be dusty around here. Sniffle.

Congratulations to the UCLA Men's Soccer Team, Pac-12 Champs!

Bruin love:

And in tennis:

The life of a professional football player:

Happy Birthday, Russell Westbrook!

Debate topic of the week: Which OT rules do you prefer, college or NFL?

Victory Bell! Bring it back!

Beat Southern Cal.