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JMU at UCLA #No Excuse Tour Game 3

2-0 Bruins take on JMU in the second game of the preliminary round of the Legends Classic.

Tony Parker should get a chance to play a lot tonight.
Tony Parker should get a chance to play a lot tonight.
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

The frustration over the game Tuesday continues. UCLA is 2-0 but it feels like 1-1 in the classic moral loss. But they did win. Winning should not be in doubt tonight against an extremely experienced but not much else James Madison University Dukes.

Of course, if Howland, wants to make excuses there are a number: Kyle Anderson is a game time decision, Tyler Lamb is still hurting, the Shabazz appeal is tomorrow, looking ahead, etc. But that's just it. Whatever five scholarship players UCLA puts on the court tonight should be better than JMU. UCLA should win tonight PERIOD.

The official preview is here with game tracker. The Bruins Nation preview is here . The JMU preview is here.

As far as something to watch tonight, I would say Tony Parker's minutes. Tony should get a chance to play a number of minutes tonight.