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Instant Celebration Thread: BUSINESS FINISHED: UCLA Slashes Southern Cal 38-28

Instant post game celebration thread of UCLA’s epic victory of Southern Cal to clinch Pac-12 South by a score of 38-28.

Trojans Conquered and kicked out of the Rose Bowl.
Trojans Conquered and kicked out of the Rose Bowl.
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Well - we have been waiting a while for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haven't we?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HOW ABOUT THEM BRUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who said this was going to be easy. It was a classic heart-stopper between the team in Bruin blue and the one in commie Red and Gold. FINALLY, after 5 long and painful years the Bruins got it done. Last time Bruins won this game and we had BN I put up a post-game thread filled with expletives and saying not so nice things about those clowns from the school over there. That's not going to happen this time.

Congratulations to Coach Jim Mora and our UCLA Bruins taking care of a decade of unfinished business and ending an ugly streak against Southern Cal. Bruins win a heart stopping affair in our house and send the Trojans packing back to their piece of sh!t campus. The second half wasn't pretty as the Bruins gave us a heart attack by fumbling away in the end zone letting the Trojies creep within 4 points. And it looked like the Bruins had a chance to take full control of the game when they went up by 31-20. Like Zombies Trojans closed to 28-31. It had our hearts pumping at the Rose Bowl, in our living rooms, and our game thread.

But thanks to resilience of Johnathan Franklin, Brett Hundley, the Bruin offense, some resilient defense in spots and spectacular special teams play (punting is winning after all). Bruins LOCKED up the Pac-12 South by a score of 38-28. Here is the box score. There are way too many heroes in the game. Brett Hundley was cool like a veteran. Johnthan Franklin with another huge game including an iconic game clinching TD. Shaq Evans had some huge catches. Fauria caught his TDs. On defense Aaron Hester had the game of his life while we got some timely stops such as a money pick from Erick Kendricks.

There is so so much to unpack and believe me we are going to enjoy this. Before I close this celebration thread out I want to tip our hat to Coach Mora. He climbed the mountain and got this done. He and his Bruins went legend today.

**** $C.