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VIDEO: Highlights of UCLA's Conquest of Southern Cal Trojans at the Rose Bowl

A sample of video highlights of UCLA Bruins' 38-28 conquest of Southern Cal Trojans at the Rose Bowl.

We own LA.
We own LA.
Jeff Gross

Don't have a lot of words to share tonight. So let's go with some videos . I will start with a quick recap from Fox. I wish we could have our alums pony up and just hire Gus Johnson as our own play by play guy:

I will then follow up with some pretty cool YouTube highlights from G4 Sports News:

Now let's move on to the post-game celebration:

And some more!

Inside UCLA has more video of post game celebration, including shot of the new Bruin legend Brett Hunley - ringing a victory bell (not the big one - we will get that back soon and paint it blue). Yes, we can officially start discussing number 17's place in the greatest UCLA QBs of all time. He and his teams went legend this magical afternoon at the Rose Bowl.

Movingo on, here is Jim Mora's presser highlights after game, I will let you watch it. He was a cool customer with the beat repoters (most of whom have been morons all season or for years). But you can just feel the emotion from him and he leaves no doubt what this game meant to us. He did talk about getting ready for the next game, which is now looking to be huge with potential home field advantage on the line for UCLA:

He also had no update on Thigpen (when he was asked about it).

Lastly, if you want to enjoy a little schadenfreude here is Helloooo Kiffin:

And couple of Trojan clowns ("ESPN reporters") going over the Bruin conquest of Kiffin's pathetic Trojans at the Rose Bowl.

Oh, I am sure there will be so much more.