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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Special Beat Southern Cal Edition

There were too many good tweets to let it wait until Tuesday.

Jeff Gross


Yes, I'm still on a high from Saturday. This is my last bit of celebrating before we begin preparations for Stanford. Focus. But let's celebrate with the best in the Twitterverse from yesterday's game.

Quite simply, this is probably one of my favorites, because it just puts everything together into two simple words:

Moving On. First, let's start with pre-game anxiety:

Khalil Bell was just signed by the Jets, and was on his way to NYC:

Hell yeah, confidence.

Rivalry feelings NEVER die.

Famous Dad roll call:

The players were ready.

During the game anxiousness everywhere:

They showed a clip from 19... 87? I can't remember.

Troy does though.

Even our basketball recruits were into the game.

When Anthony Barr laid out the pain on Matt Barkley:

The post game tweets though, were the best. They came in from EVERYWHERE!

Congratulations from alums:

Korey Bosworth is ready for the inevitable craziness:

The players absolutely relished the day.

And he even mentioned Matt Barkley:

Anthony Barr. Better than everyone.

And all over the UCLA World:

Bets, pay them up:


Even gymnastics recruits!

Johnathan Franklin, definitely a better person:

There is only one way to end a UCLA victory: