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Straight Outta 2011: Georgetown Beats Down Bruins 78-70

Another pathetic effort from a Howland coached team straight out of 2011 puts the No Excuses Tour in serious jeopardy.

The result sucked, but dude still looks great in the uniform
The result sucked, but dude still looks great in the uniform

We must be idiots for thinking things would be different with this team. We should have known as soon as the double Wear starting lineup reared its ugly head once again, even though we have more and better options than ever, that this would be yet another ugly game straight out of last year. The disappointment in Howland's continued inability to properly utilize his players leaves me with just some scattered thoughts on the night that perhaps signifies the beginning of the end.

-Shabazz Muhammad's debut was much anticipated, and him not being in the starting lineup was a huge downer personally. Despite a rough start, caused partially by Georgetown's defensive strategy, Muhammad actually finished 5-10 and showed off his range and athleticism that made him the #1 recruit last year.

-After all these years, Howland's zone offense is still atrocious. You could put an NBA all star team in there and under Howland they'd still pass the ball around the perimeter for 25 seconds before even looking inside.

-Double Wear lineup. Enough is enough. We can't handle this anymore. The disastrous start to the game caused by these two turning the ball over set the tone for the rest of the night. They got continuously abused underneath by Hoya forwards and there's really nothing to be gained by having two of them in there. It's a complete waste of space. Enough.

-"I can't be the only one who cares". Jordan Adams didn't have the same shooting stroke from the outside that he had in our previous games in Old Pauley Under Glass, but the aggressiveness he showed and the fight he had till the last whistle gave the impression that he, and perhaps Shabazz, were the only ones interested in playing the game out, and that's extremely disappointing for anyone that isn't those two.

-Larry Drew II, come on down. You're the next contestant on Markel Starks' Pain Train. Okay, LDII wasn't always on Starks, but for the majority of the time he was, and the career game he had doomed any shot at us coming back. LDII has generally been good defensively up until now, but I don't like that this was our first taste of high Div I competition and we are 1 for 1 on opposing PG career games. It was like watching Lazeric Jones out there.

There's plenty more, and I'll leave it to you all in the comments to hash out the remainder of the beatdown Georgetown laid on us. I guess the Weekend of Bruin is officially over.