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NO EXCUSES TOUR Stop #5: UCLA Bruins vs. Georgia Bulldogs

Not 24 Hours after the disaster against Georgetown, the Bruins have to get back on the horse and salvage something from this trip.


Nothing like another pathetic and uninspired performance to bring out the excuse making losers in our fanbase continuously singing songs and regaling us with tales of improvement. The fact of the matter is that we have missed out on a crucial early season opportunity to build our tournament profile, and that alone makes this trip a disappointment. Not that we would have stood a chance against Indiana the way we didn't attack the zone and the way our sieve like defense put to rest any illusions that Howland is basing his playing time allocation on defensive effort. A quick note to the Dorrellista/Neub/Howler losers: It's the No Excuses Tour for a reason.

David Wear is questionable following the fall he took last night, so we will at least get one thing we've been wishing for: a starting lineup without 2 Wears in it. Shabazz Muhammad will take his place. I think we'd all trade some of the growing pains associated with Muhammad for the garden variety pain of watching the Wears turn the ball over and jack up 17 footers.

Get it together, Howland. Your team is too talented and filled with too many hard workers for you to piss this season away.