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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

Everything else that happened, some Southern Cal tweets still found it's way in here.

Gonna get you...
Gonna get you...
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

The bandwagon is filling up for football (emptying for basketball, so there's probably plenty of room.)

Jeff Locke is pretty darn good.

Dalton Hilliard agrees.

The students appreciated the win SO much. These tweets had me tearing up.

Great job students. I hope you are officially football fans for life. Just awesome.

UCLA being represented in Tennessee:

So um... what do you do?

Both options are giving me nightmares.

Bonfire tweets:


We beat Southern Cal everywhere.

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar received a statue at Staples:


Shabazz was freed last week! He also received 1,927 retweets of his tweet - he and Justin Combs I think fight it for for the most popular UCLA student athlete.

(LOL. It's so random to me!)

It was the beginning of the early signing period last week.

Info on Hallie here. Love the signing of an elite level gymnast.

Congratulations to:

Happy moments:

Invasive moments:

Sexy moments:

Congratulations again, Chris Kluwe.

Go Bruins. Dominate everything.