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CFB Late Saturday Evening: Non (UCLA-Action) Open Thread

Open college football thread tracking left-over non UCLA action - basically the game between Notre Dame and Southern Cal - and any CFB topic not related to UCLA.

Stephen Dunn

MEH. It looks like Jim Mora and the Bruins decided to go through the motions at the Rose bowl this evening not really bothering to put up a much of a fight and just go through the motions on offense.

By the time we get to this left-over open thread we have already had a bonanza of watching rivalry games from all across the country ranging from classic tilts between Michigan-Ohio State and Florida-Florida State. We even threw in Virginia-Virginia Tech in our morning open thread as a HT to Patroclus who went to law school at UVa. And, we are not done yet!

We are not going to wait for our pathetic game to be over. There is still one major contest to track this afternoon and it's between Notre Dame and Southern Cal, which is still going on. So if you are watching that game or if you have other non-UCLA related college football observations you want to share tonight, make this your open thread.

Wait for our official post-game open thread if If you want to chime in with UCLA relateds thoughts on the disappointing performance at the Rose Bowl share them in our post game thread.