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U.C.L.A. v. Stanford Second Half Open Thread

Open game thread following the second half of the UCLA v. Stanford Football game

Stephen Dunn

Bit of a rough first half for the Bruins this evening. The Bruins started out strong, but despite some quality possessions, UCLA finished the 1st quarter tied at 7. The second quarter was nearly all-Stanford (with the SPTR's getting their obligatory airtime). After a late field goal by Fairbarn, the halftime score is 21-10 Stanford.

Anthony Barr has felled another victim, but this time is was the Stanford punter who got a trip to the locker room, following yet another blocked kick by the Bruin special teams. That play set up a career-long 48 yard field goal attempt for Ka'imi Fairbairn. Ka'imi drilled the ball straight up the middle with a couple yards to spare.

Stephen Taylor is leading The Mayor 100-48 in rushing, while the Bruins 'lead' in penalty yardage 55-0.

This is your Second Half gamethread.