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Ben Howland Throws UCLA Players Under the Bus After a Disgraceful Loss to Cal Poly

After another not so surprising disgraceful loss at Pauley a pathetic Ben Howland threw his players under the bus.

Another season of FAIL.
Another season of FAIL.
Stephen Dunn

BruinSportsReport has the video of Ben Howland after tonight's disgraceful loss against Cal Poly. It's predictable as a dejected and pathetic looking Howland threw his players under the bus. WATCH:

The lowlights:

  • Ben said Norman Powell had no idea what the score of the game was when he fouled the Cal Poly player in their last possession. So neither Ben nor anyone from his staff didn't bother to communicate with the players about in-game situations. LOLz
  • Ben called his players "unathletic," which is rather amusing (and kind of unbelievable) after all the hype he built up around his "number 1 recruiting class. He then said that the team will need to play zone, which of course is repeat of the same song and dance of last four seasons when he brought an unathletic team into regular season without having them practice zone.
  • When asked about why guys like Kyle Anderson was not starting, Ben basically sidestepped the question and had nothing plausible to offer.

It doesn't matter much what happens here on out. It looks like six games into the season Ben has "lost" another team. Well, of course he lost the whole program four years ago when he destroyed the foundation of it during the Season of Dragovic.

If the Bruins had a competent athletic director, this guy would have been canned after last year's debacle instead of letting him come back for the sake of an aberration of a recruiting class. Now once again we are going to collectively go through a painful season of irrelevance as Ben's dumpster fire program will disgrace those four letters and sully the good name of Coach John R. Wooden.