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ESPN Weighs In on Josh Smith

Eammon Brennan does a good job reporting on Josh but two paragraphs are worth highlighting right now. First of all the confirmation of what we have been saying is national:

1. UCLA players have been leaving Ben Howland's program in droves -- via transfer, dismissal, or you name it -- over the past four seasons. Earlier this week, guard Tyler Lamb took off. At this point, a week that goes by without a UCLA defection feels like the exception, not the rule. That program is currently a disaster, but that's a topic for another day.

Actually that is a topic for now. The AD needs to act swiftly and not act like these UCLA graduates in this song. This is getting ridiculous as tasser10 pointed out here.

But Eammon goes further (emphasis mine):

This season, through six games, Smith is averaging 5.2 points and 4.2 rebounds in 13.5 minutes per game, all career lows. Some of that has to do with Howland's new talent, as well as Howland's undying affection for the Wear twins.

ESPN has had undying love for the Wear twins. For a writer for ESPN to admit that Howland has a man-crush or whatever else is a big deal.

Dan, everyone understands that Josh had issues. But the bigger issue is Ben Howland. And Ben, you survived playing Nikola Dragovic too much but your undying "affection" for the Wear twins is going to not only bring down the season but also you. The only question is when and how bad is it going to get.