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UCLA TORCHING Arizona 66-10 : Early Celebration Thread

Early celebration thread of UCLA’s demolition of Arizona the Rose Bowl

UCLA Stars in "LA Nights"
UCLA Stars in "LA Nights"
Mandatory Credit: Andrew Fielding-US PRESSWIRE

Well we are going to have the full recap from freesia39 in a bit after the game is over. But why wait to get the celebration started? What a night at the Rose Bowl where UCLA put together perhaps its most dominating performance since the Route 66 against the Longhorns in 1997. Kind of interesting because just last week UCLA put together it's best road win since we beat Arizona on the road in 1998. I kind of like this trend.

The current score from the Rose Bowl was 66-10 (box score). The score wasn't that close as the teams were in garbage time early in Q3 when the Bruins went up by a score of 45-3. The player of the game was none other than Johnathan "Jet Ski" Franklin, who became UCLA's all-time rushing leader after scoring on a beautiful 37 yard run in Q1. Jet Ski finished with 141 yards in 21 carries, scoring 2 TDs. Franklin wasn't the only star at the Rose Bowl.

Brett Hundley had another dominating game. He completed 23 of his 28 passes, threw for 288 yards and 3 TDs and also scored a spectacular rushing TD early in Q1 to put the Bruins up 14-0. And he did of that damage by early Q3. And, a huge shout out goes to our D, which was DOMINATING. Arizona did score 10 points. But the TD was scored in early garbage time in Q3 thanks to usual dumb penalty from Aaron Hester which kept a weak Wildcats drive alive near the goal line.

Anyway, as I said above full recap coming from freesia39 soon. Consider this an early celebration thread. Do it up. Enjoy it. SPTRs cannot certainly throw a bullsh!t flag at us for excessive celebration. This is our night.