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UCLA vs Stanford, Pac-12 Title Game 2nd Half Thread

Thirty minutes to play for the Roses

One more half
One more half

After a wet and loose first half, the Bruins find themselves trailing by 3 at intermission, 17-14.

The Bruin offense was unstoppable its first two drives, with Johnathan Franklin gashing Stanford for big runs. The Bruins were up 14-7 and looking at a 2 touchdown lead when Brett Hundley underthrew a receiver and Stanford came up with the pick and returned it to the 1 and a subsequent tying touchdown. The Bruins moved the ball pretty well on the half, but the wet field and penalties slowed what was otherwise a good offensive half.

The Bruin defense played pretty well in the first half, not giving up any big plays, and generally limiting the Stanford drives. They let up a bit just before halftime allowing the Cardinal to move down for a FG before half to take the lead. The interception is really the difference in the game right now, so let's hope our D gets the ball back for our offense in the second half to even up that disadvantage.

The Bruins have 30 minutes left, and they have clearly shown that they are as good as Stanford. It will come down simply to who makes plays and who makes mistakes. And maybe some longer cleats.

Play a great half and we're going to the Rose Bowl

Go Bruins!