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UCLA Outguns UNLV in Basketball Scrimage

UCLA dominated #18 UNLV in private scrimage

Stephen Dunn

Yesterday UCLA played their NCAA allowed scrimmage against #18/19 UNLV. Under NCAA rules the score of this scrimmage is not public and no one is allowed to report on details. There was no media and no fans at the game. UCLA is staying silent on the game. The only UCLA report I can find is this from Jordan Adams:

Jordan Adams ‏@jordanadams1231

@jerwinlinfield all I can say it was a good day for the bruins (;

But UNLV's coach said some more on the game with an intriguing headline: UNLV outgunned by UCLA in Saturday Scrimmage.

According to sources, UCLA pulled away in the second half for a fairly comfortable double-digit victory. And though UNLV's frontcourt has been touted as one of the nation's best, they had trouble controlling the inside against the Bruins.

This is impressive for a number of reasons, some of which are speculative.

  • UCLA only had 8 scholarship players without Shabazz or Lamb. UCLA was still able to beat a top 20 experienced team.
  • UCLA outgunned and outran UNLV. Howland talked about running and we did.
  • Either the Wears played better, Smith dominated, or maybe both. UCLA dominating inside against UNLV is a very good sign. (Also Anderson played three and could have been a force inside on D.)

The season for real starts on Friday and then we shall see for real how good we are on the inside and how much we run. But this is a very good sign.

Free Shabazz.

Go Bruins!