Protecting Our Turf -- Literally: No Sword Through Our Logo Campaign

Would you each take a moment to contact our Athletic Department to inform the Director that we expect him to take action to prevent tommy toejam from planting his sword on our field?

We should not have to do this. But, I'm not sure our Athletic Director understands how disrespectful it is to our school, our tradition, and our home field to have that punk plant his sword in the middle of our logo. If the AD had half an inkling, this would NEVER happen.

But, he does not seem to get many things -- so I think we need to bombard his office and email box with requests that he call the sc athletic director and let him know that the sword is not to be planted. He should also call the conference and have the director tell sc not to do it.

That should be Plan 1 -- a negotiated agreement.

I think the students should have an informal Plan 2 -- that if that asshole tries to do it on the 17th, there be swift and immediate retaliation.

Mexi and I attended the last home game against sc, together. We sat with all of my Geezer buddies. I cannot tell you how angry all of us were -- it was not generational. If we could have stormed the field and prevented it, we would have (yes, most of us are old farts but not Mexi -- and they'd be wise not to mess with us.)

I think Fox will tell you that in our day, it would not happen. Be it the Kelps or people from the row, it would have been stopped. Surely, there must be current students who share that passion for all that is ours and hatred for all that is theirs.

Perhaps, we should have an "honor guard" on the field when the sc band comes out -- and it should stay there while their band plays; it should circle the logo. I don't care if it interferes with their band -- that's the price they pay for the disrespect. If that guys tries to plant that sword, it should be shoved up his ass and he should be bombarded with balloons full of blue and gold paint.

It should never get this far. The AD should make clear that it won't. And, he should have a plan in place to assure that it does not.

We have two weeks to capture his attention.

His phone number is: 310-825-8699

His email address is:

Please, contact him. And, request that he let you know how he plans to protect our turf.

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