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Brett Hundley Presser - Weather, WSU, Weather.

No, the second weather mention is not a typo.

Scott Halleran

Brett Hundley's press conference this week was short, without a lot of meaty questions.

When asked about the weather:

We can't worry too much about the weather. We play in whatever conditions we get. We just got to come out and play the game.

No, really will the weather affect your game?

I just sit back in the pocket, throw the ball. I should be able to get warm enough in pre-game that if I need to take off, I should have the ability to run.

Brett then goes on to discuss that we can't look past WSU and they still have to be ready, no matter the record:

The guys are real good at this. We know that we got to come into every game that every team is the same. We don't play the record, we play the team. We got to come out every week and play UCLA football.

What Hundley saw on tape this week:

We did some good things and we did some bad things. You can learn something from every week.

Not every pass is going to be perfect. Whenever I throw a pass, I am expecting it to be on target but not everything is going to be perfect. I plan on making the play.

About the nonstop distraction of everyone asking about the SC game, including the media (cough cough):

There has been a lot of people talking about the SC game but I try to tell everyone they have an opponent that's not us, and we're playing WSU this week. We are preparing for WSU and we play them on Saturday, and after that we're playing USC.

How Brett Hundley spent his bye week:

The bye week allowed me a lot of time to sit back and watch myself play and reflect on the things I need to get better on. When we started practices I was able to get better and that's what I plan to do every practice. I need to go back to the fundamentals and basics of things. I felt like I was playing within the system, but I needed to go back to the fundamentals was my main focus.