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Arizona at UCLA: Photo Highlights Part 1

Photo highlights of the 66-10 drubbing of the Wildcats at the Rose Bowl. This post focuses on UCLA's dominating defensive performance.

Rose Bowl under the lights
Rose Bowl under the lights

Burst mode shooting is an invaluable tool for sporting events, but scanning through 3,790 photos can take some time...

66 points scored by the Bruins offense was not as surprising as holding Arizona to 10 points. So let's start with some great defensive plays. On Arizona's first play of their second series, Cassius Marsh sacks Matt Scott for a 3 yard loss.
P1190976_cassius_marsh P1190977_cassius_marsh P1190978_cassius_marsh P1190979_cassius_marsh P1190980_cassius_marsh P1190981_cassius_marsh P1190991_cassius_marsh

Late in the first quarter, Datone Jones stops Ka'Deem Carey for no gain. P1200413_datone_jones_no_gain P1200414_datone_jones_no_gain P1200415_datone_jones_no_gain P1200416_datone_jones_no_gain P1200417_datone_jones_no_gain P1200418_datone_jones_no_gain P1200420_datone_jones_no_gain P1200421_datone_jones_no_gain

Not to be outdone, a few plays later, Anthony Barr hits Carey for a 3 yard loss. P1200471_barr_tfl P1200472_barr_tfl P1200473_barr_tfl P1200474_barr_tfl P1200475_barr_tfl P1200476_barr_tfl P1200477_barr_tfl P1200478_barr_tfl
Seems like Carey got the message as he would only manage a season low 54 yards rushing for the night.

Eric Kendricks was all over the place. Here he forces a fumble on B.J. Denker, who had to come in relief of Matt Scott. Johnny on the spot Cassius Marsh dove in and eventually recovered the ball.
P1220064_az_fumble P1220065_az_fumble P1220066_az_fumbleP1220067_az_fumble P1220068_az_fumble P1220069_az_fumble

Late in the third quarter that ever present Kendricks chases down Denker and sacks him for a 2 yard loss.
P1220283_denker_sacked_by_kendricksP1220284_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220285_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220286_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220287_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220288_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220289_denker_sacked_by_kendricks

Denker doesn't like Mr. Kendricks' neighborhood much as he gets sacked again, this time for a loss of 11 yards in the fourth quarter.
P1220647_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220648_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220649_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220650_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220651_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220652_denker_sacked_by_kendricks P1220654_denker_sacked_by_kendricks

Late in the fourth quarter UCLA's defense got a gift-wrapped messed-up-mesh fumble recovered by Brandon Willis who rumbled down to the Arizona 17.
P1220922_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220924_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220925_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220926_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220927_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220928_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220929_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220930_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220938_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis P1220942_az_fumble_recovered_by_brandon_willis

What an impressive defensive performance against the high-powered Arizona offense. Obviously there were also great performances by players not highlighted here; it was truly a team effort to hold Arizona to less than half of their offensive average yardage. Kudos to Mora and his coaching staff. Now the goal is to maintain that intensity and to not take any opponent lightly or to look ahead. One game at a time.

Go Bruins!