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Goforth surprised by fake Twitter

While Coach Mora didn't hold back (well, actually he probably did) when discussing his thoughts on the fake twitter comments attributed to Randall Goforth, the freshman DB was more reserved today.

From Chris Foster in the LATimes:

Goforth was a little more subdued. He said he did not even possess a Twitter account.

"It was shocking," Goforth said. "My teammates got my back. Older guys came and talked to me. They let me know what is going on. They told me to brush it off and focus on this weekend's game and my school work."

Goforth said he has never met Woods.

"I'm just a freshman, I have no reason to be talking," Goforth said. "I have tremendous respect for all those guys at USC. I'm trying to stay in my place and do my job."

Props to Randall for saying exactly the right stuff here. Hopefully this artificial drama will die off and Randall and the rest of the Bruins can get back to worrying about WSU. There will be plenty of time for real drama with *$c next week.