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Arizona at UCLA: Photo Highlights Part 2

Photo highlights of the 66-10 drubbing of the Wildcats at the Rose Bowl. This post focuses on UCLA's dominating offensive performance.

Johnathan Franklin scores during UCLA's 66-10 rout of visiting Arizona
Johnathan Franklin scores during UCLA's 66-10 rout of visiting Arizona

9 touchdowns.

TD #1 The first touchdown scored was Johnathan Franklin's historic 37 yard run already covered here.

TD #2 About five minutes into the game, UCLA has a first and goal at the Arizona six. Finding no one open in the end zone, Brett Hundley improvised, scrambled to his right and dove for the pylon.
P1190925_td_2_hundley P1190926_td_2_hundleyP1190927_td_2_hundley P1190928_td_2_hundley P1190929_td_2_hundley

TD #3 Late in the first quarter UCLA has second and goal at the Arizona 17. Hundley promptly throws a 17 yard strike to Jordan Payton.
P1200328_td_3_payton P1200329_td_3_paytonP1200330_td_3_payton P1200331_td_3_payton P1200332_td_3_payton P1200333_td_3_paytonP1200334_td_3_payton P1200335_td_3_payton P1200336_td_3_payton P1200337_td_3_payton

TD #4 Early in the second quarter, UCLA has a first and goal at the Arizona one. Damien Thigpen extends the ball at the goal line and gets just enough for the touchdown.
P1200724_td_4_thigpen P1200725_td_4_thigpen P1200726_td_4_thigpen P1200727_td_4_thigpen P1200728_td_4_thigpen P1200729_td_4_thigpen P1200730_td_4_thigpen P1200731_td_4_thigpen

TD #5 Midway through the second quarter, Arizona had finally gotten on the board with a field goal and trailed 28-3. But any glimmer of hope was extinguished as the Bruins answered back with a 65 yard drive capped off by Franklin's second touchdown, an easy two yard run.
P1210140_td_5_franklin P1210141_td_5_franklin P1210142_td_5_franklin P1210143_td_5_franklin P1210144_td_5_franklin P1210145_td_5_franklin P1210146_td_5_franklin P1210147_td_5_franklin P1210149_td_5_franklin P1210158_td_5_franklin

TD #6 And just to make sure Arizona got the point, the Bruins scored yet another touchdown right before the half, Hundley to Joseph Fauria.
P1210357_td_6_fauria P1210363_td_6_fauria P1210365_td_6_fauria P1210367_td_6_fauria P1210372_td_6_fauria

Field Goal So there was a break in the touchdown parade as the Bruins drove 75 yards on their first series of the second half and Ka'imi Fairbairn kicked a 25 yard field goal.
P1210733_fairbairn P1210734_fg_fairbairn

TD #7 Benefiting from Eric Kendricks' forced fumble, the Bruins had the ball at the Arizona 28. One play and PAT later the score was 52-10 as Fauria beat his man and caught Hundley's perfectly placed pass.
P1220081_td_7_fauria P1220083_td_7_fauria P1220085_td_7_fauria P1220088_td_7_fauria P1220090_td_7_fauria P1220091_td_7_fauria P1220092_td_7_fauria P1220110_td_7_fauria

TD #8 Early in the fourth quarter with first and 10 on the Arizona, Steven Manfro bounced through the Arizona defense and burst into the end zone. Happy that Manfro has kept his head up and continues to make positive contributions despite his issue fielding punts.
P1220567_td_8_manfro P1220568_td_8_manfro P1220570_td_8_manfro P1220571_td_8_manfro P1220572_td_8_manfro P1220573_td_8_manfro P1220574_td_8_manfro P1220575_td_8_manfro P1220576_td_8_manfro P1220577_td_8_manfro P1220578_td_8_manfro P1220579_td_8_manfro P1220580_td_8_manfro P1220581_td_8_manfro P1220597_td_8_manfro

TD #9 Yay for the reserves! Redshirt freshman Logan Sweet caught a short pass from senior Kevin Prince and had a nice RAC to the Arizona three for a gain of 13 yards.
P1220805_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet P1220806_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet P1220808_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet P1220809_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet P1220810_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet P1220811_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet P1220812_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet P1220814_13-yard_pass_logan_sweet

Two plays later redshirt sophomore Melvin Emesibe goes in untouched for the score.
P1220843_td_9_emesibe P1220844_td_9_emesibe P1220845_td_9_emesibe P1220846_td_9_emesibe P1220847_td_9_emesibe P1220849_td_9_emesibe P1220850_td_9__emesibe

That was a lot of fun. We revel in this significant win. We should. However, one win does not a season make and does not entitle us to anything. This is not a signature win. We have not "turned the corner," nor is the monopoly over. Ignore the hype. If we are to achieve Competitive Greatness as defined by John Wooden's Pyramid of Success, we must "Perform at [our] best when [our] best is required. [Our] best is required each day."

Go Bruins!