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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse

A round up of UCLA related Tweets in the past week.

Thearon W. Henderson

It's Finals Week.

It goes so fast.

And a bit of looking ahead to next quarter:

True story: I had just taken Political Science 40, Intro to American Politics. I'm home, and for some reason I'm browsing through one of the bookcases. I see a book called "The Irony of Democracy, 2nd Edition." I had just lugged home the 14th (or so) edition. Trippy.

Congratulations again to Johnathan Franklin on his fantastic senior season:

Congratulations Derrick Coleman:


Bruins pay their bets.

Yeah, come on!

Russell Westbrook went NUTS the other day:

Zeek is currently playing overseas in Israel.

By the way, current basketball team, the alums are watching.

Welcome to our new football recruits:

Alex Redmond doesn't have a Twitter (that I can find.. yet...) but he was also welcomed:

By the way, look who else is out on the recruiting trail:

Coach Mora, currently in Georgia. I think this is my favorite tweet of the week.

Please don't drink and drive.

By the way... about his little statement this week:

RIP, Bruin pet.

Wait, what?! In Westwood?!

Deep thoughts.

I mean, how big is the cage? Can I bring MMA fighters in with me? How big is the gorilla?

Pass the love.

Happy birthday Kahlil Bell!