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UCLA Basketball Sucks – Not Our Students’ Fault that Lifeless Howland Ball is Ugly & Unwatchable

Don’t blame UCLA students for not showing up to watch Ben Howland’s ugly and unwatchable basketball.

Don't blame the students for not caring about watching UNC's JV team.
Don't blame the students for not caring about watching UNC's JV team.

Yesterday we received this tweet from @jranthony21 re the Wooden Classic:

Followed with this image from another @DanOnThree showing images of San Diego student section v. ours.

So we checked in with @theBruinDen that had the following updates:

Some quick thoughts here:

  • This is NOT the students' fault. No one can blame for them not showing to watch Ben Howland's dumpster fire. Why would they get excited about heading out to Anaheim to suffer through ugly, unwatchable, lifeless, boring basketball? Folks shouldn't blame them (or others) if they stay away rest of the season to go through the motions?
  • If folks want to get upset, they should look no further than our incompetent athletic director who is out to lunch while UCLA basketball languishes as a national joke. We still have the same clueless AD who has shown no care or interest in this program and hasn't done anything to fire up the students or alumni about our major revenue programs.

So really - leave our students alone. UCLA basketball sucks and is currently irrelevant under a coach, who should have been fired in last two seasons. Not the students' fault for not caring about a program that has been going through a slow death march for last four years.