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Bruins Nation Holiday Fun: Separated at Birth

A little levity in this holiday season, trying to find lookalikes between Pac-12 personalities and celebrities.

Sure looks the same as Ol' Pauley!
Sure looks the same as Ol' Pauley!

I thought it would be fun to take a break from the daily drama around UCLA for a lighthearted post on lookalikes.

Disclosure: there was absolutely nothing scientific about this process. It was borne out of my demented mind that wanders while I should be working.

So, without further ado, here are the ones that I have fabricated in my mind:

Hello Kiffin & Daniel Tosh


One of them is intentionally funny.

Jim L. Mora & Marky Mark


That's probably my favorite one.

Ben LOLand & Michael Ironside


Most of you probably wouldn't know him by name, but you might know Michael Ironside as Jester (from Top Gun), and from many other movies.

Todd Graham & Ian Holme


Ian Holme is another one of those actors whose name you may not necessarily know, but you know he was the android in the first Alien movie!

Steve Lavin & Quagmire


I can't take credit for this one, someone in the community has been calling Lavin "Quagmire" and it's perfect. He's a character in the animated show Family Guy.

And finally:


The resemblance is uncanny...physically and in terms of work performance.

That's all I've got so far, I'm sure others will pop in my head at 3 in the morning on random days.

Who can you come up with?

Go Bruins!