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Game Thread for Fresno State at UCLA

The team that plays tough defense is not UCLA.

Stephen Dunn

In the ongoing tradition of the last couple years of the Ben Howland and Dan Guerrero era of more headlines off the court than on, tonight's subplot is how do the Bruins respond to the fact for the first time Dan Guerrero is seriously considering firing Ben Howland? Do they come apart and self destruct? Do the play inspired for their coach against a potentially frustrating, slow down, defense first, Fresno State team?

An interesting positive from last time out: "Jordan Adams (24 points) and Shabazz Muhammad (21 points) became the first duo of UCLA freshmen in school history to have scored at least 20 points in the same game last Tuesday." More positive notes from the official UCLA review here. The Bruins Nation Preview is here. The Fresno State preview is here.

The game is at 8:06 tonight on the PAC 12 network. Hopefully UCLA Freshman can continue to deliver.

Go Bruins.