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Tevin McDonald to Miss Holiday Bowl

Leaving a huge hole in the secondary.

Harry How

Breaking news out of San Diego today - Tevin McDonald has been suspended due to a violation of team rules. He didn't even travel with the team to San Diego. The initial suspicion was due to grades, but according to the LA Times, he has been suspended due to a marijuana violation. (mind you, this is the only outlet reporting that it was due to marijuana.)

The alleged UCLA rule regarding marijuana is that if you test positive three times, you miss the next game.

Mora stated that McDonalds spot will be "filled by committee." Look for Randall Goforth, Andrew Abbott and Marcus Rios all to get playing time on Thursday.

You will remember last year, Richard Brehaut was suspended from the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl for violating team rules, and Tony Dye, Isaiah Bowens and Albert Cid were academically ineligible. We haven't heard if any other players have been deemed ineligible, so hopefully McDonald is the only player we are missing, but that is a huge hit to our secondary.