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Three Freshman Better than Fresno State

Jordan, Kyle and Shabazz dominate Fresno State

Kyle Anderson rose above Fresno for 17 rebounds
Kyle Anderson rose above Fresno for 17 rebounds
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

In the first half it was Jordan Adams with 15 points, in the second half it was Shabazz with 20 points. For the game it was Anderson with 17 rebounds. The Freshman were incredible against a good defensive Fresno State team. The Freshman scored 74 points. Adams is the team's happy warrior and shot 10-14 from the field. Shabazz is the tenacious offense player as shown by his 7 offensive rebounds to go with his team high 27 points on 19 shots. Anderson was do everything with 17 rebounds to go with 20 points 7 assists, 3 steals and 2 blocks. The box score is here.

Of course, this is the 2012 UCLA Bruins so the poor shooting Fresno State Bulldogs managed not only to score 78 points (they average under 60) in their 78-91 loss, they also shot 47% (they were shooting 37.8% coming into the game) and 58% from three. If Ben Howland were alive today still cared about defense, this would be a pretty terrible performance on the defensive side of the court.

Also the Wears were 3-11 with just four rebounds. There is a reason why our interior defense is so bad.

So these are your 2012-13, fun to watch on offense when the ball is in the hands of the freshman. But the defense is best described as trying to outscore the other team. Works against Fresno State, a good defensive but terrible offense team. A reasonable person will have doubts how it will work against a more complete good team like Missouri who we play next.

Happy Holidays. Go Bruins.