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The 2012 Bruin Nation Awards - Vote for Funniest Post

And we're back, for our next category...

Who is gonna take this Benny home for funniest post?
Who is gonna take this Benny home for funniest post?

Happy holidays, Bruins Nation! Two days ago we kicked off the Annual Bruins Nation Awards with the nominees for Best Post. Since the Mayans are apparently letting us play overtime, we will now take a look at the Best Comedy Writing by the BN community in 2012.

Again, on behalf of the front pagers I'd like to give my personal thanks to the entire community for all the great contributions in 2012. It is really hard narrowing down a whole year of great content to 5 finalists. On the other hand, it's not hard at all to see where the inspiration for humor and satire came from in 2012. Guerrero may not be giving us a high quality athletic department, but he is giving us plenty of material. Sometimes laughter really is the best medicine.

I first want to give an honorable mention to, and explain the exclusion of, one of the funniest moments of the year, the Tony Parker announcement thread. It was the funniest thread by a mile, but since the post was written by DCBruins, a front pager, it is not eligible for inclusion. I have linked it so you can go back and enjoy the hilarity of that day, the best part of which was Tony choosing to be a Bruin.

Once again, we have picked the 5 finalists, but your votes will determine the winner. The winners will receive the coveted Benny - a 5 inch replica of the 40 foot Blue Bear statue outside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. There are many important trophies in our current college landscape: the Heisman, the Crystal Football, and The Victory Bell. But the Benny stands above them all. Literally.

With that in mind, here are the 5 nominees for the best comedy. The titles are linked to the articles so you can see the original with one click.

An Offer of Help to the Morgan Center; Bruinut, Jan 2

Building from the decidedly un-Woodenesque, and therefore perfectly Guerreroesque, principle that "pretty plenty good enough", Bruinut goes above and beyond in his efforts to help the Morgan Center PR team with some catchy advertising themes, complete with working art, which should be perfect for the marketing folks working with our Athletic Dept.

Personnel Evaluations for Howland and Guerrero; Islandbruin, March 14

Have you ever wondered what went on in Howland's year-end evaluation with Guerrero, and then Guerrero's subsequent follow up with Chancellor Block? Well, wonder no longer. It is as shamefully hilarious and embarrasingly tragic as you would expect.

A Very Big Idea From A Small Mind; Markpav44, July 8

We all know U.C.L.A. doesn't have a lot of room, so why bother to think outside the box when there isn't any of that extra space outside of the box to begin with? Markpav44 offers some brilliant suggestions for our AD to maximize the efficiency of our already too small practice spaces.

Strip Stubs; Bruinut, Sept 5

At last we get a clue to help explain the mystery of the slowly shrinking shoulder stripes on our football uniforms when a folder is anonymously passed to a student reporter and the evil of Mordida Enterprises and the corrupt Mr Stubs is brought to light.

The Secret Planning Meeting For The "New" Pauley...; Alpha1906, Oct 21

Alpha has degrees from both U.C.L.A. and Cal, so he truly understands suffering. He also understands how a program with the history and tradition of U.C.L.A. ended up with Pauley Under Glass. And you'll never look at the danishes and breads and cakes at Starbuck's the same again.

Congrats to our 5 nominees. Write-ins are also welcome and will be counted, so if you have a grass-roots favorite, get the word out. Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the thread below.

Voting is open from now until Dec 31 with the winners named shortly afterward (when I have time to get to it). We will also be announcing a special Editors-Choice Award at that time, too. Thanks again to the entire BN Community for everyone's contributions and for another great year at Bruins com! Go vote!