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Headlines in the Bruin Twitterverse - Holiday Bowl Edition

A recap of Holiday Bowl related Tweets over the past week.


It's the winter break at UCLA, but today is the end of the football team's season. Here is a special recap of the days leading up into the Holiday Bowl tonight.

First: The last Spaulding Practice.

Oh and how they feasted after.

The team then headed down to San Diego to begin the final practices for the Holiday Bowl along with activities.

At the USS Boxer:

And at the Rady's Children Hospital:

At the San Diego Zoo. I highly recommend clicking on the link for the pictures.

I loved this one. It's almost straight out of Awkward Family Photos.

A Christmas Day excursion to Sea World:

I nearly started singing the Baby Beluga song...

A lot of the team expressed sentiments that they missed being with their families on Christmas, but at the team dinner...

I think they were given customized UCLA Beats, but no one has posted a picture on Twitter.

Oh Merry Christmas beat writers!

Final thoughts:

I'm sure he is Jeff.