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Game Thread for MIssouri at UCLA

UCLA needs a big game from Jordan Adams tonight
UCLA needs a big game from Jordan Adams tonight
Stephen Dunn

Can UCLA score enough to beat a good offensive Missouri team who is also number 1 rebounding team in the country at 7:05 pm tonight on ESPN 2? Or will UCLA be blown out and Howland be fired before the PAC 12 starts as some have been hinting at? If nothing else it will be fun to listen to Bruin great Bill Walton give his always understated perspective on ESPN for those not at the game.

Arguably the stakes have never been higher for Ben Howland personally who may be coaching for his job tonight. In the ultimate irony, the defense first coach Ben Howland is seemingly betting his career on the offensive capabilities of freshman Jordan Adams, Kyle Anderson and Shabazz Muhammad.

For the Bruins Nation preview go here. For the official UCLA preview go here or for the one rivalry highlight they will definitely show during this game go here. (Always fun to watch 4.8) The Missouri preview is here.

Go Bruins!