Mora and His Team Must Re-Earn the Respect

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I was at the game and stayed to the bitter end.This wasn't just bad football. This was a bunch of spoiled brats who didn't show up to play. Maybe they felt like they should have been in the Rose Bowl or the Alamo Bowl. It doesn't matter what the players felt, it matters that they show to play every game. They didn't last night.

Mora and his team must now re-earn the respect that they had won this season. They lost mine with this pathetic showing, and I'm generally an upbeat person and not focused on wins and losses. I expect this team to play every game with heart, their innate talent and their scholarship $$. They didn't show up. The game was over with 5 minutes left in the FIRST quarter.

This was a waste of time, money, effort on all parts. Especially the part of us supportive fans. My kids get unconditional love. This football team doesn't, They have to earn our support by working their absolute hardest every single game. Sometimes they can't (like after the catharsis of beating SC) and those times can be understood. They had NO excuses this game.

Mora and his team of coaches better figure out how to keep these kids focused. Last night was a disaster. An embarrassment. A complete letdown for the team, for the fans, for the alumni, for the sponsors, for the advertisers, and for the Holiday Bowl committee.

These petulant kids acted like something was owed to them.

Think again.

If they don't start next season 4-0, they will be properly labeled a failure.

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